Who is Waiora?

With more than 100 years of management experience in the direct selling and healthy living industries, we not only believe that the average person needs a way to participate in the growing global economy, but by combining the healthy living market and word-of-mouth marketing channel, we can create a great company and opportunity.

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Our Products

Your body is under attack from the unseen elements we come in contact with everyday – namely environmental toxins, germs and bacteria. Your first line of defense is your immune system. By “waking up” your body’s immune system you not only help it defend against these toxins, you can begin to restore your body’s natural healing process through the use of key herbs and nutrients. Using the finest and most efficacious natural blends and ingredients in the industry, Waiora can help you protect you from the effects of toxic exposure; defend against germs; regain mobility in your bones and joints; recharge your bodies systems; and restore your overall health.


How would you like to get the world's most powerful immune product – MegaDefense – for FREE every month? Countless people are already realizing fantastic results from this one-of-a-kind supplement, and getting it for FREE makes it even more powerful.

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  • "I am living proof that network marketing can change your life beyond your imagination, and that Waiora is the ultimate company to help you do it."

    — John H.

  • "While we earn an income most people can only imagine, I do it on a part-time basis which allows me the luxury of being a full-time mom to our two children"

    — Chip & Marcy L., NE

  • "Waiora has not only helped me achieve time freedom and financial independence, it put my daughter through college, and has helped Linda and I buy our dream lake house"

    — Mickey D., TN

  • "Waiora has added a new dimension to our lifestyle with the financial freedom it brings, allowing us to enjoy four weeks each year at various spiritual and meditation retreats"

    — Jason G., HI

  • "Everything lines up if we pay attention and listen to our hearts. With Waiora, I found my missing link!"

    — Rick & Elaine G., ID

  • "This is where I want to be. I want to help people achieve optimal health, teach people the opportunity of financial freedom, laugh and have fun!"

    — Luvi N., CA

Your Opportunity

Have you ever been rewarded and recognized for your business efforts?

Through your business-building efforts, you’ll receive immediate, advancement and growth bonuses; long-term residual income; and Fast Track leadership and Diamond-level bonuses.

Not only will you receive financial incentive, but also recognition for your efforts with top performer trips, Diamond-level getaways, rank advancement achievement and more!

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